Revells 2010 Chevrolet Camaro w.i.p in senygen green day1

Hi again ,

              This one I started on and have the body already preped and primered and painted and cleared and wet sanded out the color I went with is  senygen green met from scalefinishes I still have to get all the other parts painted one thing on the body on this body in the kit it had two small sink marks in both doors just below the a pillars i had to sand them out and it was easy to fix.I also have the front grill and the rear facial painted in satin black. My friend has one of these and the dash board and door pannels have the green on them on the real car i have seen this on other Camaros in this green and I have seen them with out the green on them.Well here are the pics of the body finished more to come.


Walt Faulkner William Ferguson Maria Teresa de Filippis Ralph Firman Ludwig Fischer

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